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Month: January 2018

Cost of Mining Bitcoin

Interesting, the cost of bitcoin mining is exceeding the price in some countries. It is exceeding the real value in all countries. See mining cost provided by Ian Bremmer January 2018

Ian Bremmer
President at Eurasia Group
Cost to mine one bitcoin, based on avg electricity rate

S Korea $26,170 (highest)
Germany $14,275
France $7,930
Japan $8,723
UK $8,402
Brazil $6,741
S Africa $5,948
Estonia $5,551
US $4,758
Russia $4,675
India $3,274
Venezuela $531 (lowest)

Bitcoin versus Planet Earth – Millennials Paradox

The global younger generation tends to be interested in minimalism and protecting the environment. All good news for Planet Earth. Unfortunately a subset of this group loves Bitcoin. It is seen as anti establishment and easy money. The Paradox is bitcoin mining and trading requires massive amounts of energy and this related waste is not pro Planet Earth. Save the planet but not with Bitcoin donations.

I have sold my Bitcoin investment.  It does not meet my environmental screen.

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